Oral Health Guidelines

Year: 2020
Creative Director: Dan Carriero
Team: Sarah Ingle (Manager, Public Relations + Social Media), Henry Yeager (Senior Video Producer), Fernando Valencia (Associate Video Producer)
Smile Train is an international non-profit devoted to providing support for cleft lip + palate. They partnered with FDI World Dental Federation (FDI), in addition to support from GSK, to create resources for both oral health and non-oral health communities around the importance of preventative and comprehensive dental care for patients with clefts.
The first resource released through this partnership is Oral Health in Comprehensive Cleft Care: Guidelines for Oral Health Professionals and the Wider Cleft Care Team. These were print + digital guidelines geared towards oral health professionals, cleft patients, and their families. As the designer, the goal was to organize all of the information in a layout that was as clear and easy to understand as possible. The final product had to combine the branding of both Smile Train and FDI, but leaning more towards Smile Train.
In addition, I needed to make sure that the layout could be used in future Smile Train + FDI resources (publications, guides, etc.).

Template for future Smile Train + FDI resources

Promotional materials