Shibori Workshop

Year: 2017-2018
From 2017-2018, I had the wonderful opportunity to teach a series of workshops + programs for the Appalachian Center for Craft in Smithville, TN. These one-day classes taught students how to use Shibori methods to dye silk scarves and cotton bandannas. To be better prepared for teaching, I designed a visual identity for all workshop materials I might end up using. From this experience, I learned a great deal about what it means to be a mentor and how unpredictable teaching can be.
I designed the materials before workshops started at the Craft Center, so I didn’t realize that most of them were already provided. (Thanks Craft Center!) In the end, I only used the presentation slides and the Itajime workshop instructions during my time there. Nevertheless, it was a fun experience working on this project!

Presentation Slides

Workshop Instructions + Signage

The Process
Since programs at the Appalachian Center for Craft focused on handmade processes and techniques, I decided to create the Shibori Workshop logo using handwritten script. I also kept some of the rough texture to emphasize the “handmade” aspect and to mimic the flow of water, which is used during the shibori process.
In traditional shibori, indigo is used to dye the fabric and indigo produces a dark blue color. Therefore, I limited the color palette to dark blue and white. In addition, the typography was kept bold and graphic throughout all class materials to allow students to easily skim over while still understanding the main points.

Quick sketches using brush pen

Digital development

Finalized logo + symbol

Type + color palette

Photos taken while testing out dye recipes